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Ike Moriz (+ optional guitar) with backing tracks

Are you looking for a top solo singer who can single-handedly provide just the right atmosphere through his performance of a wide range of genres such as Swing, Easy Listening, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Crooners and Rock? 

'One man band', entertainer and crooner Ike Moriz sings along to recordings of the best musicians in South Africa and abroad. Listen to samples here. Watch a crooner medley on youtube below: 

THE TOP DUO (Option 2a)


Ike and pianist    ||or||   Ike and guitarist

Are you looking for the special combination of Ike Moriz’s versatile vocals with another live instrument? Create a relaxed, wonderful and intimate atmosphere. Listen to Ike’s 'piano and voice' renditions on iTunes:


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Ike Moriz + saxophonist + backing tracks  ||or||  

Ike Moriz + guitarist + backing tracks

The Dynamic Duo is option 1 (Ike + backing tracks) in combination with one of Cape Town’s top session guitarists or saxophonists/clarinetists, providing the added visual and audible richness of a top musician playing his instrument live. 

This live duo and top wedding band is perfect for wedding ceremonies, pre-dinner drinks, cocktail parties, reception parties, corporate events and functions. They can either create the relaxed, harmonic and warm background music you desire or take centre stage and entertain your guests to dance to a repertoire of over 500 popular songs! 


Vocals + piano + sax + bass + drums   ||or|| 

Vocals + guitar + sax + bass + drums  

Listen to Ike’s huge repertoire of Jazz standards, crooners and blues/ latin/easy listening songs played in fresh arrangements by a classic combination of musicians. This option really creates a beautiful organic sound and atmosphere for any occasion. Watch a live clip from the infamous The Crypt/Cape Town.

THE TOP BAND (Option 4)

Ike Moriz + guitar + bass + drums + more

Would you like to create something different for your event? Let Ike and his 3-piece-pop/rock band charm you with his original pop/rock songs from his 5 rock and blues albums - as heard on the radio and seen on TV. 


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Master of ceremonies  and/or  party DJ

We also offer DJ and MC services. Unlike other wedding music suppliers we can offer these additional services in conjunction with our usual booking options - combining all your entertainment needs in one capable hand! This way you only need to book one experienced supplier at a competative rate.  

Ike Moriz is not only a studied musician, producer and songwriter, but he is also a trained actor and voice over artist who appeared in many international feature films and TV series. 

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