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Reviews 2002-2007


73. 24.COM, SA, 15.11.2007

STARRY NIGHT (single off 'All around the world": Self-made 
indie-pop idol gets up close and personal with 5FM’s Elana Afrika on this swooning, Xmas-ready love song off his third CD, All Around The World.: 

72. BARNEY SIMON, RADIO 2000, SA, 13.11.2007

Barney Simon presented the new
as featured album of the week in
his Tuesday night show. He played
all tracks saying: 

Fantastic album! I love it! The song
'Peace Dream' reminds me of 
David Bowie's Space Oddity"… 


SA indie-pop idol Ike Moriz’s press release is more abundant than a list of Michael Jackson lawsuits. Signed to UK label Mosquito, the baby-blue-eyed white boy is obviously comfortable in the buzz of the music industry, and is also obviously quite comfortable both on stage and in studio. South Africa prepares for the release of their own pop ambassador’s third studio album, All Around the World. But Overtone wants to know something from the man himself… (click on the pic for the interview)

70. DIE BURGER, Mariana Malan, Cape Town, SA, 03.03.2007





 'Rock on at these gigs 

67. ELLE MAGAZINE, 03/07, PAGE 153, Johannesburg, SA, March 2007


Another SA magazine covers the story of 
indie idol Ike Moriz's visit to the FASHION 
in Sandton on 2.12.06 with 5FM star 
DJ Elana Afrika.


What a party!

66. PEOPLE MAGAZINE, VOL20/NO49, Johannesburg, SA, 08.12.2006


SA's indie idol Ike Moriz visited the FASHION TV CAFE 'ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY' party in Sandton on 2.12.06 with his friend Elana Afrika (DJ from SA radio station KFM).

What a party!

65. THE STAR, HELEN HERIMBI, Johannesburg, SA, 09.10.2006

 'Prodigal son' returns to show local musos what good music's all about

South Africans become expatriates for many sound reasons. The crime rate, the HIV/aids epidemic, the poverty - but not singer Ike Moriz. His reason for leaving our shores
years ago was, in fact, because of the  sound. "Besides all the heavy metal, I was just sick of hearing good bands play cover songs. They were much better than that,"says the Capetonian who lived in London for five years but now calls Jozi home.
The adult contemporary artist is back in  SA not only because he missed the nature: "I love the outdoors, that's one of the  reasons I came back," but also to settle down here. He released his album, Play Me this year to an audience that is slowly 
but surely catching on to the man's style. While overseas, Ike had roles in Britishsoapies and made a significant living from starring in musicals. His resumé even includes that he taught mathematics and music in London. About this experience 
he says, as his eyes widen: "It was traumatic, the students seemed to have no respect for anybody and I had trouble keeping them under control." Needless to say he was only too happy to swap the blackboard for a studio booth.

The crooner produces all of his own music and hopes to work with quite a few of SA's top musicians on  future projects. He is keen on collaborating with kwaito kid Brickz and has been in talks with Fokofpolisiekar to go into studio together. Speaking of the latter, Ike joked about how cool it would be to have him sing in Afrikaans while Fokofpolisiekar (attempt to) sing in English. This multi-faceted entertainer plays the piano, the guitar and the keyboard. He also shot videos for Play Me and I Feel Real, off the current album, in SA.

But it seems he is somewhat ambivalent about South African music, particularly the Cape Town scene. "I've noticed that they (the musicians) have become a lot  more authentic, a lot more open nowadays, a lot more meaningful, but most are still clueless," he pauses and thinks for a moment. Cautiously he continues. "Maybe that's not the right word, they're  (the musicians) sometimes just not interested in music. "Just how the South African public with buying power will receive the return of  the "prodigal son" remains to be seen. But from where I'm sitting  it seems as if Play Me has the potential to end up on repeat.

64. 24.COM, SOUTH AFRICA, OCTOBER 2006 “Play Me” is getting much play

It’s the first single from his second album and “Play Me” has become a hit of its own glamourous accord. Ike Moriz too SA by the horns with his second album. The South African indie pop star released the first single off it called “Play Me”, which got major airplay both locally and internationally. After five years in London he had returned to South Africa to promote and launch the new album as well as perform for his fans. His new single has received positive response. You can decide for yourself.

Melanie says: Gorgeous
Both Ike's looks and sound are gorgeous!
what a great international sound for a south
african pop star! Awesome. I'll support him!
Any day!!!

Nina says: What a fantastic sound!
I love his songs!! I've seen Ike many times
live now and heard his songs on the radio.
they rock. His latest video is on MK89 
now (I feel real). It's totally awesome!! 
Go IKE!!!

Suzan says: WOW, This is brilliant!!
This guy is amazing. I rate him one of the 
top5 South African singers of the moment.
His video rocks and the songs are so 
catchy!! also saw him live at the waterfront
last weekend. he'll be the SA star of 2007
for sure!! Rock on!!

Tracy says: Cool
I like it, I heard the song on the radio and 
liked it straight away, had no idea he was
South African. Look forward to hearing 
more off the album.

63. CAPE ARGUS, JOHN MONSOON, Cape Town, SA, 4.10.2006


"There is a rumour in the air that Cape Town music is about to ignite a fuse that will send SA music into orbit. It's a music explosion not seen (or heard) for at least a decade.
We gathered some of the Mother City's  finest minds in music to see who is holding the matches." ... ""only really in the last  four years that indie rock has started to make its big global come-back and even in  the late 90s modern music just never had the sorts of bands that it has now," so it's  not too unusual that Cape Town bands are pushing the envelope and being noticed. "Ironic," says Ike Moriz, the well-selling solo artist, "Cape Town used to be known for its cover bands!"" ... "Moriz is passionate about his home town but also under no illusions that he sells more CDs
in Gauteng, because "it's just the way it is". Cape Town bands are also generally more creative by way of location." ... 


Read Ike's latest interview from Sept'06 on DSTV channel MK89 (click here)

 61. TONIGHT MUSIC, CAPE ARGUS, Cape Town, SA, 14.09.2006

 "Cape Town's CD launches continue with Ike Moriz and Madame Afrique. Moriz has been dubbed "South Africa's indie idol", and rightly so. Moriz cut his teeth on local music and drama productions and then headed to London where he signed to Mosquito Records. He launches a Tarantinoesque video for his new single, I Feel Real (Friday, Opium, 6 Dixon Street, De Waterkant, Greenpoint, Cape Town, R50, 10pm)."

60. S.J., REPRESENT, GAUTENG, SA, 04/09/06

SA rock artist IKE back in SA





 57. CDWHEREHOUSE, SA, 01/05/06

Underneath the radar
"...South African rocker Ike Moriz actually has the musical muscle to back up his own hype.And his uncanny Bowie croon isn't the only thing that makes Play Me worth tuning into either: Moriz runs the retro rock gamut from hook-heavy 70s glam rock swaggers ("Hey, Hey-hey, Hey") to Britpop breezes reminiscent of Suede's shoegazing ("Play Me") or Blur's anthems ("Every Time The Sun"), and edgier Brel-meets-Bowie piano ballad implosions 
("The Sad Songs")."











He’s one of the few South African musicians to have met with success in the UK lately, yet Ike Moriz has decided to return here to settle. Christina Kennedy spoke to him. Many South African pop-rock outfits look to America for their inspiration. Not so Ike Moriz. This Capetonian’s style pays fond tribute to Britpop and Seventies glam rock. Moriz has returned to settle in South Africa after pursuing a relatively successful music career in London for the past five years. This week has seen him launching his album Play Me in Joburg, with another gig scheduled for tonight at the Blues Room in Sandton.Moriz has lately been enjoying airplay on 5FM, OFM and campus radio stations with the title track from his second album, which he wrote and produced himself. It seems his infectious, melodic, dramatic indie-pop is finding favour with an increasing number of South Africans, having already been widely hailed in the 
UK and Europe. 
He has been described as “Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK chart alternative without the boredom”. However, Moriz confides that while the constant comparisons with Bowie are flattering, they do get a bit tiresome. After all, it’s natural for every artist to want to be defined in terms of his or her own style and not be known as a pastiche of others, but most people, it seems, feel the need to fit new musical endeavours into their frame of reference. Nonetheless, if you’re going to be compared to anyone, The Thin White Duke himself is not a bad place to start... And Bowie himself once voted Moriz’s song You Could single of the week on his website – quite an endorsement. So who exactly is Ike Moriz?
Blonde, blue-eyed and distinctly Scandinavian-looking, Moriz is truly a citizen of the world. Thanks to his parents, he had a jet-setting childhood, and was fortunate enough to study music in South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands.As a child, he was “an early Shakin’ Stevens fan” (brave of him to admit that) and also listened to the Eurythmics, Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground and the Talking Heads, shaping, no doubt, his affinity for indie pop/rock with a distinctly English flavour.
After completing his studies, he decided to try his luck in London’s cut-throat music scene. “I’d always wanted to see what London was like, considering that musicians like Suede, Pulp and Blur built their careers there. I wanted to see where that feeling in their music stemmed from. And I love Monty Python, and I wanted to see where the British acting world got their inspiration from.“But when I got there, it was actually very different to what I expected. Some Londoners are very rough, and it’s very expensive to live there. I managed to fit in there musically – people there have always liked my music – but there’s a lot of competition. But it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.”Seemingly born under a lucky star, early on Moriz met up with George Michael’s and Marc Almond’s producer Steve Kent, who put him in touch with a great set of session musicians who were into the same music as he was, and he ended up doing both albums with them.He also did some work on movie sets, playing small parts in movies such as Alfie, Bridget Jones’s Diary 2 and Love, Actually, as well as playing a body double in Wimbledon.
Having achieved some success and acclaim in 17 countries with his first three singles, though, he became thoroughly homesick and has returned to South Africa.“I’ve had enough of London,” he says. “It was fun and I learned a lot, but I think I’ve learned what I had to learn. I’m most at home in Cape Town. It was an emotional decision to return to South Africa – it felt like the right thing to do.” His plans are to focus on establishing himself in South Africa and continue running his own label, as well as doing some acting on the side. However, he reluctantly admits that he may have to keep up his profile overseas as well. “I just don’t wanna go,” he says mock-petulantly. He is currently working on the video for a song called I Feel Real.Moriz will be playing with The Parlotones tonight, and says that he is gratified to hear how “authentic” South African bands are sounding. “They’re not necessarily trying to sound American any more. Kwaito artists aren’t rapping about corvettes in LA, which they know nothing about, but about their own stuff. It’s more interesting.”What can locals expect from his live show? “A very high-energy, theatrical experience” Bowie would be pleased...* Visit for more information.



"... Most of the songs are put together with a bare-bones backing which provides a somewhat jerky backdrop that echoes early 1970s Brit bands - This is Moriz's second studio album with Mosquito Records, recorded after his Mirrors and Shade tour last April, and it perfectly captures his Bowie-esque leanings."



IKE Moriz is a South African who has spent the last few years living in the UK and this change of environment seems to have influenced his musical style on the album Play Me (Mosquito Records).

The title-track is an up tempo song similar to Franz Ferdinand or Kaiser Chiefs, while Hey, Hey-hey, Hey has an early ?90s Brit pop feel.His vocal style at times sounds like David Bowie, although at others it could remind listeners of Prefab Sprout's Paddy McAloon.The result is quite a diverse album, which is highly recommended.

49. EVAN MILTON, CAPE ARGUS, Cape Town, SA, 10/11/2005

"Ike Moriz is something of a paradox: he's part German and part South African, and the unsentimental precision of the one surfaces as often as the slightly self-deprecting, yet easy-going nature of the other. Then there's this business of making it overseas in less than 6 years to garner interest from George Michael's recording studio, earn a nod of approval from David Bowie, boast respectable European live-gig and radio impact and then decide to head home to the Cape. 

After graduating from our College of Music, Moriz relocated to London in 1999, fronting bands there and in Rotterdam and Hamburg before going solo and recording his debut EP, Fall Into the Sun (2002). Back home,its title track hit Stellenbosch's MFM No1 spot. A second EP, You Could, followed, reaching No.1 on the UK's Matchbox Radio, and the Top10 on Holland's Halo FM. Perhaps more importantly, early in 2003, the title song was voted Song of the Week by Bowie himself on Impressive after only four years in the Big Smoke. His sophomore EPs and debut album, Mirrors and Shade (2004), have more than a smattering of Bowie-styled vocal bends, and left of center lyrics in them, but there are also hints of Blur and Oasis. And, to Bandstand, though Moriz certainly has his own unique  style, the earlier work has suggestions of a somewhat sane, somewhat sanguine Syd Barrett - another contradiction. 

Meeting Moriz, one is unsure whether to guide him to a chair and go easy on the radio interview, or be on full alert for an industry-hardened veteran. He's a nice guy, but he's no fool, and he knows there's a mountain of work ahead. Making that road easier is a launch-sponsorship from Chivas Regal, promoting "the Chivas life" and a forthcoming video directed by Johan Nel (Fokofpoliesikar's image maestro). Moriz's new CD is called Play Me and it is being launched tomorrow at Rhodes House at 60 Queen Victoria Street, Gardens. ... Doors open at 9.30pm, video screening and performance at 10pm. Cost: R50. More on"


48. THE CAPETOWNER, Cape Town, SA, 10/11/2005

"International rock musician Ike Moriz will spills theatrical, edgy pop into Rhodes House at the "Play Me" CD launch on Friday November 11. Based in London since 1999, Moriz has returned to his home in South Africa with a new drive and energy that springs from his exposure to many different countries and life on the road. Moriz has been described as 'Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance, teamed with UK chart 'alternative' without the boredom'.

Moriz is back with a new 8-track CD: the title track "Play Me"opens softly with "Hey, hey-hey, hey", and picks up tempo with heavier rock guitar in parts. Other tracks include the dark decadent pop of "Visionary" and the epic and grand Bowie-esque piano ballad "Another Day". Previous worldwide hit singles have included "Fall Into the Sun" and "You Could", which topped charts from the SA Top Ten, Matchbox Radio 24 chart to Halo Radio in The Netherlands. "You Could" was voted "Song of the Week" by Bowie himself in 2004. Moriz's songs were also featured on over 100 radio stations worldwide and put Ike on the map as a leading Indie pop star.
'All together an album well worth the wait that lives in a decadent, emotional, dramatic and almost theatrical world,' said Dale Olivier of Matchbox Radio 24 in the UK. This scorching internationol rock session opens its doors at Rhodes House on Queen Victoria Street on Friday November 11 at 10pm ... "

47. CAPE ARGUS, CAPE TOWN, SA, 09/11/2005

"...this week's hottest party is probably the being held at Rhodes
House this Friday, where international rock musician Ike Moriz 
will take the stage. Moriz spills theatrical, edgy pop into 
Rhodes House (60 Queen Victoria Street) at the PLAY ME 
CD LAUNCH, sponsored by Chivas Regal Premium 
Scotch Whiskey.

Based in London since 1999, Moriz has returned to his 
home in South Africa with a new drive and energy that springs
from his exposure to many different countries and life on the
road. He has been described as "Bowie without the glam 
meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK 
chart 'alternative' without the boredom..."

46. BARNEY SIMON, TUKS FM, Pretoria, SA, 16/10/2005

"I dig the album. Good songs. ... I will play 'Evaluate Me' on my show 
on Monday,18.10.05 on the SA music explosion. 21h00-21h30. Rock on!"

45.Tony Dee ,, Cape Town, SA, 16/9/2005


"Ike Moriz is back with a new 8 track CD: `Play Me`.It opens softly with `Hey, hey-hey, hey` but the song picks up tempo. It got pop elements to it, but has heavier rock guitar work in parts," ... "`Play Me`, the title track, is very good - great lyrics, good hooks and nice mix of music and vocals - no wonder it was chosen as the title track. `I Feel Real` takes one or two listens before becoming a song that you can really enjoy, it`s different and has a good edge to it. `Every Time The Sun` slows things down with a slight acoustic guitar feel, a very good variation between the other tracks. `Light Is Dark` 
is my second favourite song on the CD. The chorus is filled with backing vocals which adds a great effect to the song." ..."`Dull Blue Eyes` makes up for the previous song and is quite catchy. The album closes with `The Sad Songs` 
which slows things down and is one of those typical slow... well... sad songs... The piano in the song really sets a great atmosphere.
Ike has grown significantly after releasing his first CD and `Play Me` is a step up, and in the right direction." ..."fortunately for South African Ike Moriz fans, he`s back in South Africa and will be playing at venues around the country - so look out for Ike and get hold of his CD. There are videos and images on the website

44. Kim Wild,, Cape Town, SA, 2/3/2005

Ike Moriz at the Acoustic Café
Can one refer to a gig as being romantic? Well, I just did! It was initially the setting with the low lighting and candles ... and then it was the presence of Ike, a single person that held his own on stage.

I must be honest and say that I hadn't heard of Ike until that evening, which is pretty embarrassing considering that I pride myself in knowing what I consider to be a lot of South African bands and artists, especially the very talented, so I don't know how he slipped by me. I'm going to try using the excuse that he has been overseas for the past few years! He does however still say 'Ja' a fair bit which is fantastic to hear and at least we know that he hasn't forgotten his roots; an accent comes across more in his singing than his speech. I have read in numerous places that he sounds like David Bowie and it must be quite annoying to be compared 
to someone else all the time when you're writing your own original material, even though everyone has their, what you might call, 'musical influences'. He then ironically sang a Bowie cover and I saw what the critics meant! He sounds a lot like him!

I loved every song he played; `Drowning` I had listened to on a website earlier in the day and was thrilled when he sang that second - it’s a great song. I was sorry to see the set come to an end and was sorry to have the cat leave my lap where it had been sitting all evening - Acoustic Café is a truly classic place!

Ike deserves all the international acclaim he gets and will hopefully be more recognised on the local scene as well. I would have to agree with "he’s like Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK chart 'alternative' without the boredom."

43. Thomas Feist, Crossover review, Germany, January 2005

Mirrors and Shade

"... A voice as melodic as Lennon and as cool as David Bowie… arrangements full of hooky choruses and dark theatrical pop… highly recommended, buy the album!"

42. Elizma Nolte, SA TIMES article, London, UK, July 2004

Making it in London

"Ike Moriz has a claim to fame that few other South African musicians can boast – he has shared a movie set with René Zellweger. The young musician landed a role as a singing piano player in her latest Bridget Jones II movie. But Moriz has far bigger dreams for his music career than a small stint in a Hollywood film. Moriz has been trying to break into the UK music scene and make a name for himself internationally. Competing with the thousands of bands that perform on the London 
circuit every night is extremely difficult, he admits. ?Due to the internet and all that big labels also haven’t got the money they used to have. They tend to only go with the sure bets and the Pop Idols."It’s a pity, says Moriz. "There’s so much talent out there – just go to Camden and see.
Then you turn on the radio and you think: ‘what’s going on here?’." It’s this amazing wealth of acting and music talent that attracted Moriz to the UK in the first place, as well as the fact that South African music seemed to be going nowhere at the time. " When I left Cape Town the music scene over there was pretty dark. It was all ‘local is lekker stuff’. Now it is very different. There is a new breed of South African music coming up – interesting and very different." His own music Moriz describes first and foremost as "interesting", secondly as "edgy pop". " People say it sounds a lot like Bowie or Morrissey." Ike’s first single, Fall into the Sun, has received wide radio play and high acclaim in South Africa. 
So much so that Moriz has been inspired to return to his home country for a tour. " I’ll go wherever people want to hear my music,"says Moriz. "If things pick up in South Africa, I wouldn’t mind going back there for good. I miss the quality of life there.? Moriz recently recorded hisdebut album Mirrors and Shade here in the UK. It is available at as well as at"

41. David Bowie, New York, USA, June 2004

Click here and listen to the official "MIRRORS & SHADE - June 2004ALBUM MEDLEY" (2.8Mb), that has just been voted 
"Featured Original Music of the Week" at (7.6.04) 

40. Zazone, proudly South African Music, Cape Town, SA, June 2004

"Capetownian Ike Moriz moved to London in 1999 and has been 
building up his musical talent until now with the release of his debut album `Mirrors and Shade`. Ike's style is unique, but extremely familiar, sounding like a cross between David Bowie and Suede. His band consists of several musicians who've worked with Ike for a while, including Jim Barnes on guitars..."

"...What's very pleasing about the album as a whole is that, 
although similar to David Bowie, Ike does not attempt to mimic 
his work (or cover it), but rather release a pleasing sound unique to Ike
`Mirrors and Shade`, the title track, for some reason did not move 
me as much as I expected it would. I find that `Another Day`, 
`Fall Into The Sun` and `Flame Blue` are better tracks. `Still`
is a laid-back emotive ballad while `Visionary` has a very 
good rock riff running through the track. `Drowning` is a 
good track, laced with familiarity..."

"...Overall a good album with a classic sound which should appeal to pop and light-rock fans alike. Some tracks don't quite seem to fit with the others in terms of a common theme, but they do show Ike's amazing ability to cross from style to style easily and keep the listener attracted to the album. A definite keeper, but watch out 
for future work from Ike Moriz, I think it's going to get even better!"

39. Tony Bates, 3WBC 94.1 FM, Victoria, Australia, May 2004

Absolutely excellent!

38., (customer reviews), UK, May 2004

"...charming and addictive"

"...I was hooked right away!"

"It just ripped my heart out!"

Click here to check out the complete customer reviews here

37. Magic Mushroom Records, Holland, May 2004

After his great Singles Fall Into The Sun and 
You Could, now his debut album Mirrors & Shade
Mirrors & Shade opens with the hauntingly good 
song Another Day, Ike' s voice is as good as it getsand the recording is sublime, to be honest we couldn't' 
stop listening to it. Along with a bunch of new songs, 
the songs You Could (thrill me, kiss me, kill me, ...), 
Visionary and Drowning are also on this full album 
release, AND RIGHTLY SO !!!Ike and his band are spot on and all we can say is : A Big Congracts 
from us to Ike and his team !!!

36. Dale Olivier, Matchbox Radio24, London, UK, May 2004

After much anticipation and hard work the debut album " Mirrors and Shade" from IKE MORIZ has landed on planet earth. Featuring the worldwide hit singles "Fall into the Sun" and "You Could" that topped many charts from The SA Top Ten, Matchbox Radio 24 Chart to Halo Radio in The Netherlands. "You Could" was actually voted as "Song of the Week" by Bowie himself. The songs were also featured on over 100 Radio stations worldwide and put Ike on the map as a bonafide Indie pop star. This album features 11 tracks of pure emotional glamour pop. The new single and title track " Mirrors and Shade" 
is dark, infectious, melodic and has a massive chorus that sticks 
in your head and never leaves. "Still" that was featured on 
UK SKY TV for  millions to see is an incredible pop ballad that is cleverly crafted and extremely melodic. It is the song Suede were always looking for. Moriz was recently described as "Better than Bowie himself" by Island FM.  Other tracks include the dark decadent pop of "Visionary" and the epic and grand Bowie-esq piano ballad "Another Day". Ike also recently starred in "Bridget Jones 2" playing and singing the piano. All together well worth the wait and a superb album that lives in a decadent, emotional, dramatic almost theatrical worldProper emotional melodic pop with a shiny surface and a huge anthemic mood.

Release - Mosquito Records London 2004

35. By Spinzone, Pennsylvania, USA, May 2004

Hip-ometer Rating ~ 9.4

Ike Moriz - "Mirrors & Shade" Ike, if you didn't know, 

could best be described as South Africa's answer to David Bowie and this is his debut LP. At first I thought he committed 
a faux pas by putting all the songs from his first 2 EP's on
this album. Because who will buy them when they can get 
everything here? However, by and large they are all mixed 
differently and not just the music, as the vocal tracks are 
redone as well. That essentially makes them all new 
versions, so it's interesting for people who were aware and
it still leaves reason to get the original ep's if you like it. This 
was particularly clear on the track Fall Into The Sun which I 
always liked, but I think I prefer this new version even more.
That pretty much is the feeling for most of the re-recorded 
stuff here. It was all good to begin with, and doing it over 
didn't hurt as it often does. At worst the songs are different, 
but at least as good if not usually better. The tracks new to 
this outing tend to be more on the lighter side, perhaps 
because the other stuff was very "single" oriented to begin with. 
Songs like Still or Fake Fatale are really nice adult styled ballads 
and fit with the rest very well. About the only critique is there
is a degree of style variety on the album, which does prevent it 
from having a common theme or thread that ties it all together.
I think this is because Ike has true talent, but he needs to find 
his footing. He's still teething as it were, but at that it's some
fairly delicious bites. He's like Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self importance teamed with UK chart "alternative" without the boredomCertainly worth checking out, that's for sure! sound clip video - Still

Label ~ Mosquito, 11 Tracks, 2004 

34. Tony Bates, 3WBC 94.1 FM, Victoria, Australia, May 2003

"Ike Moriz, fresh from South Africa, based in London now, has a great 
debut album out. Top notch songs, without being either retro 
or pretentious; instantly memorable leaving you wanting more.
So now we know where David Bowie gained his influence from!"

33. David Bowie, New York, USA, March 2003

David Bowie voted YOU COULD "SONG OF THE WEEK" 
at!! (18.3.03). He also made the
live-version of Ike's 
STILL "SONG OF THE WEEK" (11.3.03)!!


32. Matchbox Recordings, London, UK, March 2003

"You Could" is the second single from number 1 Matchbox artistIKE MORIZ. This catchy and dreamy pop gem has already been played on 50 radio stations worldwide and has charted in South Africa, Holland and the UK . This single features a new track " Visionary" and a Radio edit of " Drowning". Ike was also
recently voted for best song by He delivers a poppy, radio friendly song with lots of Suede/Bowie esq. glamour and hit potential.

" You Could"  is an infectious , melodic and melancholy 
Indie pop classic." (MR)

31. Spinzone, John Kruscek, Pennsylvania, USA, February 2003

Hip-ometer Rating ~ 9.8

Ike Moriz - "You Could EP" This is the second release by my

friend Ike Moriz, a now London based South African. This takes
right from where the last single left off (same cover too) but I think he really finds himself on this new single. The title track is a dreamy Bowie like soundscape meets Oasis and it melds all the hooks of those two genres to perfection. It really ought to be climbing charts someplace. The second track, Visionary is actually a grungy outing, coming close to being like Nine Inch Nails with better vocals. (I would say he reminds me of a cross between Bowie and Peter Murphy of Bauhaus fame). It's got chirping, edgy guitar and a very black but sexy feel to it. The last track is a remix of the song Drowning from his last single, and I don't have the time or inclination to see how different they are. It sounds a little different I think. Well, it's 8 seconds shorter so something has  changed. But what matters is it's still good, and still reminds me of Suede or early Gene. OK Ike, you have talent. Let's see that long player already. And you can (and should) check him 
out here .
Label ~ Mosquito, 3 Tracks, 2003

30. Magic Mushroom Records, Holland, January 2003

This month on Magic Mushroom Records Review: IKE MORIZ

 You Could


 Drowning (radio edit)

Written by Ike Moriz, Recorded at Tin Pan Alley Studios & Motion Studios, London

A while ago we came in contact with Ike Moriz, a 
London based singer/songwriter. He sent us his latest CD-single 
called YOU COULD, recorded at Tin Pan Alley Studios, and
released by Mosquito Records & Matchbox Recordings London. 
With this new release Ike shows that he' s very capable of writing catchy pop tunes. The title song YOU COULD is a relaxed pop song with a nice melody to it. Ike's vocals on this song are very strong. We think this song has hit potential !!!

The second song VISIONARY starts of with strong guitar 
chords and an aggressive drum pattern. Again the vocals are 
spot on! When you play this song, please turn up the volume, it 
really kicks ... Our favourite song on this CD is DROWNING. 
This sixties-like tune is right up our alley, because Magic
Mushroom Records is all about sixties orientated music. 
It reminded us of David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and even a bit of 
The Beatles... Well, what more can we say?  YOU COULD
is a winner ! We can' t wait for the next release. 
We give this release: 5 / 5 stars

29. G.J. Barclay, Soundwave FM, Napier, New Zealand, January 2003

"We have the song "You Could" in our daily play lists, 
and the comments received

28. Charlotte F., Radio Sirup, Siegen, Germany,January 2003

"In December we did get a copy of "You Could" and I really liked it. The tracks are fresh, they rock, and they are exactly the type of
music we usually play. That's why we'll of course announce and 
play them."

27. Mike Williams, Vanguard Online, Sheffield, UK, January 2003

"You Could is the second single in recent times from Ike Moriz. 
It's a gently strummed indie track, something between Pulp 
and David Bowie. The power of Moriz's voice and his ability to hit just the right notes are the outstanding features (...)."

26. Eddie Schouten, Haloradio, Holland, December 2002

"Great music. I also like track 2 " Visionary" a lot. We've put 
"You could" in our hit zone,  which means it will be played for at
least 4 times a day!"

25. Simon Charlwood, Island FM, UK, December 2002

"I like the single a lot!" (You could)


24., SA, December 2002

23. Magic Mushroom Records are reviewing YOU COULD 
on their website in Holland, December 2002

22. Wilroy Bennen, Multisound FM, Holland, December 2002

"I listened to your CD and I love it, all three songs.(...) We will 
certainly play your song on our show (...) I'm very enthusiastic and I can't wait to hear your latest single You Could!"

21. Kel Bailey, 3SUN FM, Australia, October 2002

"The single is great and the other tracks sound great as well.

I would love to hear more of your stuff"

20. Radio Grischa, Switzerland, October 2002

"I like it!"

19. East FM 91.9, Nairobi, Kenya, October 2002

"We will start playing it come this weekend ... good effort!!"

18. University Radio York 1350AM, York, UK, October 2002

"Your single certainly sounds impressive..."


17. Radio K101, Moscow, Russia, October 2002

"The music is wonderful and we will certainly play it on our radio!"

16. Radio St Helena, Saint Helena, October 2002

"We have listened to all three tracks and we have found them 
refreshing as they are different to the normal "run of the mill" 
stuff that's coming out now."

15. Drive 105.3 FM, Londonderry, Northern IrelandSeptember 2002

Brian Magoo Show: "We've received great feedback and

we think that "Fall into the Sun" is a great tune.

14. Soundwave FM, Napier, New ZealandSeptember 2002

"refreshing sound!" 

13. Castlebar 102.9 FM, IrelandSeptember 2002

John from CRC FM especially liked ANOTHER  DAY, the second 
song on the single but he thought that it was over all "pretty amazing!"

12., Holland, September 2002 

"I've listened to the samples on the website and I must say you 
remind me somewhat of David Bowie and Suede. Normally I don't like to put a label on music or try to compare artists with each other, but these are not the least ones to be compared with." 

11. Heartland FM 97.5 MHz, Scotland, September 2002

"Good single,..., nice one! ... It'll be on rotation for a good while yet."

10. Vicky Smith, Matchbox Records, London, UK, 01.10.02

Staying in true English guitar pop mode we move onto a very new and fast rising star IKE MORIZ (originally from Cape Town/SA). This enigmatic solo artist delivers the bright and poppy classic "Fall into the sun". This song was recorded with Steve Kent who has in the past worked with George Michael ( yes from Wham). This song is not Club Tropicana but a very poppy and especially catchy song reminiscent of Ike's hero Bowie and a bit like Suede vocally also. Saying that the main strength to this song is the unstoppable and extremely catchy and warm chorus. This very well produced song also comes packed with everything from a string  section on the chorus to dreamy shimmering guitars and falsetto Brett Anderson could never have reached . It also boasts a very uplifting feeling and once you've heard it once you will never forget it.
Great stuff from a solo artist proving it can be done your own 
way in style. Brilliant.   

 9. Radio Sotenäs 95.3 FM, Sweden, September 2002

"Fall into the sun' sounds great"

8. Indieradio, Washington D.C., USAAugust 2002

"Full of energy and potential; Ike's latest  single, 'Fall into the sun,' is definitely worth a listen."

7. LMFM 95.8, Drogheda, Ireland, September 2002

"I had a listen and was pleasantly surprised!"

6. The Worldwide Web Radio 3WR, South Africa, August 2002

 "I always love music with a strong piano presence (Another Day = favorite) and coupled with the strong and emotional voice your songs fit into my wide appreciation of great music! Well done!"

5. Spinzone, Pennsylvania, USA, Sept 2002

Hip-ometer Rating ~ 9

Ike Moriz - "Fall Into the Sun EP" Our Ike here is another bloke from 

South Africa and a friend of Dale Olivier who pointed him in my 
direction, whereupon he sent me this EP. He has been in a few
other bands in and around Europe, but this is his first attempt at a 
solo career. (and it is a self released effort) The title track is very 
unusual in that it seems to tread in very modern waters while
retaining many elements of 70's solo styling. He has quite an 
articulate voice and isn't afraid to use it, in almost a Bowie-esque 
way but with far more range. That was what probably made me 
unsure of this at first, as that isn't the kind of thing many can do 
so you don't exactly hear it often. The song itself is upbeat, but 
more ballad like than a true pop single. The sort of song that 
continually grows on you. The other tracks are Another Day 
which is a slow, emotive and plaintively sung song with very 
sparse instrumental accompaniment, but the emotion comes 
off as fairly genuine. The last track Drowning (In London Town)
has a more modern line and sort of reminds me of perhaps a 
mix of the bands Gene and Suede. There are elements of blues 
guitar, funk groove, 70's glam and 90's Alternative rock on this 
disc. It's all that and none of it. He has a nice style and a good 
voice and if you buy singles and can get this it is quite
recommended. I think, like Dale, his best stuff is yet to come, 
as he appears to be an artist whose power will grow as he 
comes to learn himself, and I look forward to hearing the debut LP.
You can check out a trimmed mp3 of the title cut by clicking here. 
Label ~, 3 Tracks, 2002 

4. Matchbox Recordings, London, UK, 01.09.02

New solo artist IKE MORIZ releases this great new three track EP
through Matchbox. "Fall Into The Sun" EP was produced at 
Tin Pan Alley studios by Steve Kent, who has previously worked 
with George Michael. Drawn to Ike’s surprising mix of enigmatic
lyrics and catchy melodies, Steve strengthened this paradox 
by adding deceptively simple guitar hooks. Based in London, Ike 
is of South African/German descent. His new style has emerged
from his diverse musical experiences, fronting bands in Cape Town, Rotterdam and Hamburg, usually performing his own material. 
This EP features the title track " Fall into the sun" with it's extremely catchy and bright chorus and Bowie/Suede esq. feel. Expect loads of falsetto and heartfelt vocals and lyrics from this new class A entertainer. For full track listing click above.

3. SA FM (104-107FM) / Johannesburg, South Africa, August 2002

"it's fantastic"

2. AFK Max, Nuernberg, Germany, 25.08.02

"We enjoyed it - a pretty nice and typical Brit-Pop London Sound. Maybe Your Song 'Fall into the Sun' will find the way into the charts - we believe in it."

1. KFM 94.5, Richard Hardiman, Cape Town, South Africa, August 2002

"I love it, ... it sounds great!"