PLAY ME 'EP' 2005

Ike Moriz Play Me Single 2005

PLAY ME - EP/Maxi-Single

(Release date: 03.10.2005, Catalogue #MOS0004)

Releasing the title track of his upcoming 2nd album as the latest single is a bit like eating the main course before the starter, but hey, rock stars are supposed to be controversial, and you’ll get a remix & the video clip of his amazing debut album title track for extra helpings!

Ike Moriz's stunning and vital new (double A-side) single will be released independently on Ike's Mosquito Records London in October 2005. It is the vivid & powerful self expression of a young South African artist, driven both by great optimism and intense new millennia angst, combining the British cool with his SA routes. Reflecting life away from SA among 11 million people in London throughout his work:

"I wanted to create something powerful with lots of texture & intensity. Stripping all my ideas down to their core, something strong emerged, that couldn't be stopped in the process and had a paradox life of its own. I could feel how it prevailed against the empty materialism & plastic music of our time! In many senses I see this CD and the upcoming album as a new dawn and a return to the routes; quite literally so, as I will introduce it back home in SA for the 1
st time in person as well and I am looking forward to that enormously!"

In this regard, the brand new songs are full of life and death, love and hate, light and darkness. They seem to mirror the artist's deeply emotional world of contrast. Listening to his songs, it almost feels as if Moriz and the listener are melting as one: He leads us into his world reflecting our own. What a joyride! What a tour!

Ike Moriz has gained international acclaim since starting to work as a solo artist with George Michael's and Marc Almond's producer Steve Kent in 2002/2003. However, he has been writing and producing his own material for much longer than that, starting in 1995 shortly before studying music in SA, Germany and Holland. He has been described as "Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK chart 'alternative' without the boredom." His songs have been aired on the radio and TV in 17 countries, and he has just finished the 'Mirrors and Shade tour 2004/05' promoting his debut album in the UK, Holland, Germany and South Africa. The previous singles have reached high radio chart positions in the UK, Holland and SA, and he has gained more and more support from an international fan base over the past 2.5 years.

Starting in July 2005, Moriz will return to the road, bringing "PLAY ME TOUR" to an audience in many countries over six months. By using the words "PLAY ME" for both his new album, single and tour, Ike is taking a cynical look at the egotistical, money & fame driven pop culture of this century. You can keep up to date at!

"And they shall play him again and again and again ...!"


1. Play Me 3:59

2. Light Is Dark 3:35

3. Mirrors And Shade 3:20


  • Backing Vocals – Friederike Düser
  • Drums, Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Alan Van Kleef (2)
  • Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar – Jim Barnes
  • Graphic Design – Lars Pestrup
  • Photography By – Michael Cleary
  • Songwriter, Executive Producer, Written By, Composed By, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Music By, Words By, Arranged By – Eike Moriz* 
  • Recorded at Motion Studions in London, UK
  • Publishing: Ike Moriz (Mosquito Records London PTY Ltd)
  • Sub – Publishing: Sheer Publishing in SA
  • Distribution: Distribution Select in SA and CD Baby (worldwide)
  • Barcode: 5021272063321